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Wedding Wellness - Where to Start?

"Help? If you’re one of the wonderful ladies that feels stuck and overwhelmed with the thought of starting the process of working towards your Wedding goals, then I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. This is the most common scenario I come across and the great news is that it can be the easiest to overcome! Some ladies start by asking for my help in order to see physically changes and others ask for help to start a journey that has more work/life balance for an improved lifestyle! However, whatever the desired outcome is, the major hurdle and underlying concept is that they need help to take the first step. BRIDAL FITNESS WEDDING WELLNESS APP
I feel that in select areas of our lives we can so easily correlate the need for ‘help’ with a sign of weakness. However, I’m going to dismiss this nonsense and remind you that it’s not only absolutely ok to ask for help, but I feel it should be encouraged. It can relieve so much of the stress and anxiety associated with the issue and the process of simply seeking help can also be an enlightening experience. The reason for this is when we verbalise our concerns we can also create clarity on what’s actually the root cause or most important aspect to you. For example, ‘I need help finding time to exercise’ can lead to the realisation that the most important element to tackle first is organisation. Clearing the clutter and the commitment that’s soaking up hours in your week and delivering no gratification.
As Brides, we ask for help from our hairdresser on how to make our hair look the way we want it to on our Wedding day, or ask our Bridal party what they think of the Dress? However, we can be embarrassed at the thought of seeking help to assist us in feeling better or more confident for our Wedding day. This is a core reason why I founded White Honey in the first place. To help women overcome the initial barrier holding them back from starting and finding a way to move both positively and towards the goals that matter to them. 
If you’re a bride who feels like this is an area that is of importance to you, then I encourage you just to overcome that initial concern of starting and seeking help, by simply pursuing anything that seems of interest to you. It may or may not be the complete experience you we’re after, but it could also lead to something amazing! If finding time is difficult or the thought of being able to train anywhere is a huge benefit, then I’d love you to take a look at our newest series -​ 5 Days for Change​. We created it specifically to help you overcome the initial barrier, achieve clarity and also implement realistic measures you can utilise on a daily basis. It’s a nominal fee of $3.00 that simply symbolises you’re ready to take a positive step forward for something that’s important to you. Again, whatever you decide to do, just don’t get lost in the thought of what you don’t know or what you need, and just start by making one small step towards it. 

It’s far easier than you realise." Jade Johnson - White Honey