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"How amazing is it that you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend, your rock, the missing piece of your puzzle." 
➳ How did the two of you meet? Turns out we have A LOT of mutual friends and have been to a lot of the same parties and events and never met. Then the week after my birthday my best friend was visiting, we had been out for a nice dinner and drinks and somehow ended up at The Lass (an old pub and live music venue that holds one of the few late-night licences and draws a very diverse crowd). It was around 2am, I was talking to a girl I hadn’t seen in forever, I waved to her boyfriend (now Husband) from across the crowd. Matty was talking to him and asked who I was, the Husband denied knowing me and claimed I was waving to Matty. After some liquid courage Matty came and sat next to me, we instantly clicked and chatted as if we had known each other for a long time, cliché I know. I was at a point in my life where I was finally comfortable with myself and being by myself, very “I don’t need no man….” And wasn’t about to allow anyone in, easily. So, when Matty asked me on a date, I agreed to after work drinks, not a date. I insisted on paying for my own drinks and splitting the pizza bill. But, he won me over with his humble yet witty, kind yet strong and incredibly genuine personality. And, well the rest is history.

➳ How long were you together before your engagement? Around 2 years.

➳ Tell us about the proposal: Matty had the ring for around a month and had already asked both my parents as well as his for their blessings. He didn’t have an actual plan, was more or less waiting for a ‘moment’. He is a hopeless romantic however, neither of us are ones for grand tacky gestures. This one perfect Sunday afternoon, we’d had a beautiful day, it was unremarkable, beautiful all the same. In the late afternoon I was tending to some plants while enjoying a glass of wine on the deck and he came out to join me with a couple of drinks as well. After some time, he asked me to come stand where he was and check out the sunset (even though I could see it perfectly from where I was). He gave me a hug. I could feel something hard in his pocket (not the kind or hard you’re thinking). He said, “do you love me?” I replied “of course I do”. Then he asked, “will you love me forever?” naturally I smiled and said, “yes, I will love you forever”. Then he pulled out the ring (out of a hard-wooden box in his pocket). And that was that. 

➳ What led you to decide on your Wedding venue? Initially we wanted to elope and go on a big holiday. But we’re both very social people and we had been to some great weddings recently where all our friends were there, which totally changed our tune… What we wanted was a big party with our nearest and dearest having the night of our life. We thought we would have an away wedding on a property with the whole Tipi marque, but unbeknownst to us Matty’s brother had planned pretty much that exact wedding, so we were back to the drawing board. We visited several property style venues and while a few were high on our list, we also decided to check out something completely opposite, right in the centre of Newcastle, a brand-new venue, 48 Watt Street. An old church renovated into a venue for weddings and live music with a magical outdoor area and a huge open space with lights hanging from the ceiling that you can really style how your heart desires. 

It was perfect. What really sealed the deal was the ease of the transaction, we said what we wanted, and it was one price per head. Alcohol, food, staff etc. All one price per head. The simplicity of it charmed us. We had spent so much time looking at other wedding packages where there were so many ‘little’ costs that added up to astonishing amounts that would be so easy to be overlooked until after couples had already signed and locked 
themselves into a contract.

➳ What was the inspiration behind your Wedding theme? We didn’t want a traditional wedding, a boring wedding, or a sit-down wedding. We wanted something romantic, magical, beautiful and a big party with all our nearest and dearest. Instead of having tables and chairs, we set up lounge areas scattered around inside and also outside, open for people to mingle and relax. We also had a decent sized danced floor for when the night really kicked off. While dinner canapes were served, all the way up to our first dance we had my childhood friend, and super talented musician singing and playing guitar. Then after our first dance, we had another friend DJ for everyone to dance the rest of the night away. It was the night of our lives. It was so much fun. My wedding dress was Ombre by end of the night from all the dancing. Things really got a bit wild. 

➳ Your most favourite moment/s of the day: Seeing the way Matty looked at me when we first saw each other at the end of the aisle. Us both forgetting the dance moves to our first dance and just winging it.

➳ What was your favourite detail/s about the day? My mum and I spent the whole 9 months prior to the wedding propagating our own succulents for wedding favours. As well as the florals, we gave Pushing Pansies creative control and they absolutely exceeded our expectations and completely took our breath away. 

➳ What does marriage mean to you? It means always having the support of my partner no matter what. Even when a decision can’t be made on what to eat, or about what to wear. It means supporting each other through a Monday morning and through a Friday afternoon bottle of wine. It means choosing the smaller piece of brownie, even when you want the bigger bit. It means using your partner to stay warm when it’s cold, using them to stay afloat in deeper water and borrowing their shoulders when you find things too difficult to bear. Marriage is incredible! How amazing is it that you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend, your rock, the missing piece of your puzzle. It means the world!

➳ Any classic stories you want to share from the day? I suppose the biggest complication to our day occurred the day before (wedding eve). We were set on a location that was on a headland, overlooking the ocean, and were going for a reception run through. Upon arriving at the location, there was another wedding party doing the same thing and all of a sudden, we had a predicament. With some quick thinking by the bridal party, a dozen phone calls to local councils, and around 90 phone messages to family and friends, we changed the location of our ceremony the afternoon before. This ended up being the best decision we’d made, being the new location was secluded, quiet and absolutely amazing! The speech from the MOH was the whole package; full of all the deep belly ‘my cheeks hurt’ laughs to all the feels creating some ugly faced photos (of the Bride) trying not to cry. She really had the whole 150 guests in hysterics.

➳ What advice would you offer to other couples planning a Wedding? Do it exactly how you want, don’t try and please anyone else but yourselves. Make your own rules.

➳ Any stand out vendors for the day? Pushing Pansies – as stated above, we gave creative control and they absolutely exceeded our expectations and completely took our breath away. Their style is far from traditional. They ooze a progressive elegance and have a certain edginess to their style while still maintaining classic beauty. 

We were debating over having a videographer at all, as it is a big expense on top of having a photographer and wow are we so thankful and elated we did. We have watched our short story and insta clip a million times and will continue to over the years. It is such an amazing keepsake perfectly captured how incredibly romantic but fun our day was. Worth every cent. If anyone is deliberating over it, just do it. You won’t regret it.

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Wedding songs:

Wedding Creative Team: 
Floral design & submission: Pushing Pansies Morgan Clark & Nichole Payten Clark 
Videography: John Welsh Morelife Films
Hair: Bec Rizzoli
Getting ready gowns: Bronte and Clyde