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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by - you must have come across To the Aisle Australia's gorgeous digital monthly Wedding magazine and are keen to know more about how it started. Well, it began as a passion project, born from a desire to create an all Australian Wedding blog of her own after receiving feedback from clients explaining how they found researching for their Weddings exhausting & at times - quite lonely. The seed was planted for a simplistic and convenient way to find local talented Australian Wedding suppliers and Bridal designers after a night tossing and turning, unable to sleep as the whole idea took shape and Bryn was too excited to rest! 
Bryn J Martin
Curator: To the Aisle Australia | Event Coordinator | Coffee fiend
To the Aisle Australia officially launched in April 2018 after 6 months of blogging with amazing Wedding services and Bridal designers however, the story of To the Aisle Australia really started at the same time as its founder’s career in event management. After making the decision to hit the books again at 30, Bryn Martin enjoyed 8 incredible years coordinating national and international personal, small business and corporate level events in Melbourne, Sunshine Coast and most recently as a virtual assistant to remove the geographical boundary. Bryn also moved 3 million tonnes of furniture by hand in this time too – as those in the industry know, event management is not just all about the glamourous locations & spectacular results. 

So in 2017, with a lifetime of attending local designer markets with her father since a young child and also having recent experience as a seller at local designer markets, Bryn also followed the progress of her favourite Wedding creatives through her re-brand as a Virtual Event Assistant. With a passion for writing, scrapbooking and supporting local talent, the blog was born filled with Wedding creatives as passionate about creating the perfect Wedding day as their couples.

Emerging initially as an Instagram account in October 2017, the concept of creating and publishing a blog, (thanks for visiting!) To the Aisle Australia quickly expanded its offering to meet demand with a monthly digital Wedding magazine. The quality of designer interviews, Real Weddings and styled shoot submissions were of such incredible inspirational value, publishing a digital inspiration magazine seemed the next natural step to appropriately celebrate the work of these fabulous Wedding creatives.

Since April 2018, To the Aisle Australia now works with 200+ Wedding creatives across Australia 
each month in the Wedding industry to collaborate and produce its monthly digital Wedding mag and regular blog article updates. Including filmmaker contributions, Bridal designer and service interviews, recommendations and social media updates to further encourage engagement with our audience.

To the Aisle Australia aims to at all times maintain the upmost levels of service and quality of its publications for our readers and designers to compliment the existing sensational Wedding inspirational publications, offering readers a platform with an Australian exclusive focus. The dream is to become known as the place to discover and engage with local Australian Bridal designers and Wedding businesses by providing an aesthetically pleasing and convenient way to plan a Wedding day without the overwhelm.

Katy Gillies
Marketing Coordinator | Digital Marketing Specialist | Brunch Enthusiast

Oh hey! My name's Katy Gillies and I'm the advertising coordinator for To the Aisle Australia. I am also a digital marketing specialist/co-founder at Oh My Digital, a boutique agency I run with Hayley Peters, also co-founder. You might know us from Instagram - we spend a little too much time on there. 

3 Fun Facts you should know about me: 
- My favourite movie of all time is Dirty Dancing. 
- I'm currently planning my first hen's party for my sister-in-law-to-be. Wish me luck... 
- My biggest hobby is going out for brunch (if you can call it a hobby) 

I love acting as Bryn's sidekick - coordinating all advertising enquiries for To The Aisle Australia. I'm so happy to be part of the Tribe and very excited to work with you all.