TWIG AND FAWN PHOTOGRAPHY Handmade Bridal Headpieces
"Someone’s wedding day is such a momentous and memorable event and I really wanted to create a product that was deserving of something so special" 

Imagine a keepsake flower crown from the best day of your life! It's easy to see why we love this silver Lavender and Lilac fern crown on the gorgeous Bianca Sylk. We chat to to Dawn, the designer behind these beautifully handcrafted, about her inspiration for each Bridal headpiece design. 

➳ "Lavender & Lilac offers an intimate and personalised experience when choosing a headpiece for a bride or groom’s wedding day. We offer not only intricately handmade pieces, but also the option of customising our existing pieces, or creating something new entirely, to make their wedding day even more special. 

Since I was a little girl, I had always loved designing and creating, from taking a simple idea and using my hands to bring that idea to life and make something beautiful out of it. As I planned for my own wedding in 2015, I was inspired to create my own headpiece and rosary beads so that I could wear something special on the day that was really personal to me. Along with those pieces I also made floral hairpins for my bridesmaids and flower crowns for my flower girls.

After my wedding day had passed, I realised how much joy the creative process brought me and was so excited when friends and family would ask me to make headpieces for their weddings and special occasions. It evolved from something I merely enjoyed doing, to something I was truly passionate about, and this was how Lavender & Lilac was born. I then got to work on developing and designing both the collection and the brand as a whole, in the hopes of creating something cohesive and representative of my aesthetic.
SYDNEY WEDDINGS Handmade Bridal Headpieces
SYDNEY WEDDINGS Handmade Bridal Headpieces
Lavender & Lilac has been in the making for almost two years now. We are still a young business, excited for what the future may bring. Our Instagram page was launched just over a year ago and our online store was launched in May this year.

A few of our highlights so far have been:

- Having our Keepsake Flower Crowns worn in a beautiful forest wedding that was photographed by Dan O’Day and featured in Hello May Magazine.

- Being invited to collaborate in a styled photoshoot by Twig and Fawn Photography, named “Twigs of Pink”, to launch a new collection by Goddess by Nature, which was featured in White Magazine.

- Getting our very first stockist, Emerald Bridal in Ryde.

Rose Quartz is my favourite stone. The stone of universal love and harmony, encouraging unconditional love - To the Aisle

The brand was inspired by my love for all things floral. I designed each of the pieces to hold a dainty and delicate feel, while always keeping a floral theme in mind. The concept of the Keepsake Flower Crown became the centrepiece of the brand. The Keepsake Flower Crowns are intricately made flower crowns that will never wilt so they can be worn on your special day and kept for years to come. We also make a wide range of crowns, combs and hairpins.

SYDNEY WEDDINGS Handmade Bridal Headpieces
SYDNEY WEDDINGS Handmade Bridal Headpieces
SYDNEY WEDDINGS Handmade Bridal Headpieces

Australian-made Dress: Goddess by Nature 
Florals: Neflowerco 
                                     Photographer: Twig and Fawn Photography

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