"We love creating all the grace and beauty 
required of a veil; la pièce de résistance, 
to make every woman truly feel like the 
perfect bride on her special day." 

If you are getting a little confused with all the different styles and lengths of veils available out there today, here are the top 3 most popular veil design lengths:

Cathedral: If you are looking for a high wow factor veil length, measuring from 3m to 7m long and looks best over a similar length dress train. Perfect for a Bride looking for a dramatic look.

Ballet: Typically a length between the Bride's fingertips and the ground and is perfect for ankle length dresses and still possesses some of that wow factor.

Fingertip: Exactly as the name suggests. This length still offers the feminine grace of a veil whilst being proportioned to require less maintenance through wearing it.
And to assist you further with your decision on veil style, we interview Tegan, the up-and-coming Sunshine Coast Bridal designer behind Marcella D'Amour Bridal about what she loves when creating stunning veils!

 I have always loved designing and creating. When I was young, I lived in Toulouse with my Grandmother who was French and was the inspiration behind the name of my business. And also where my appreciation for the Parisian culture was born & why I fell madly into a love for french fine silks and laces.

After moving back to Australia, Tegan decided to offer Brides all the qualities of a stunning veil at an affordable price. After seeing a lot of my friends become Brides and spending so much money on things that really didn't think needed to cost so much. 

We are relatively new, making our first veil last year (2016) which was so exciting to be able to see how a bride's face lights up when this small but crucial accessory gives her that Princess feeling. There is a special look that a bride has when she knows she found the perfect outfit for her wedding day.

At this stage we make custom wedding veils and garters for our clients. But, in the not to distant future, we are going to offer Wedding dress design! Our couture hand made veils are uniquely crafted from exquisite fabrics and embellished in lush laces and sparkling crystals. Every veil is locally made by our in-house seamstress enabling us to sell direct to our clients so we are able to offer a reasonable price.

Marcella D’amour Bridal aspires to create magic moments during the design process and for our Brides to feel beautiful and pampered. All of our veils are individually designed to compliment any wedding dress, fabric or colour. Our passion is demonstrated through the quality of the finished product.